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Cheap Car Hire Sao Paulo - Guarulhos Airport, GRU

Welcome to the largest airport in Latin America. Sao Paulo Guarulhos is the main aerodrome in the southern hemisphere of the continent, thanks to more than 30 million passengers served each year and the incredible amount of cargo of 360 million tons. A record for an airport completed in the early eighties and reformed in recent years to meet this escalation in operations.

Top car rental companies in Sao Paulo are available in the Guarulhos Airport, collaborating with Localiza, Avis, National, Alamo, Thrifty, Hertz and Budget, to offer the best service, a wide range of cars and better conditions to there customer.

For travellers, we advise you to book in advance, since the demand is very high throughout the year. Even more so on special dates such as Christmas, Easter or summer vacations, where the airport greatly increases traffic, and therefore the availability of vehicles is limited.

Search for the car rental companies that we have make available for your convenience.

Rent a car at GRU Airport to have more autonomy on your trip through Sao Paulo? We have the most renowned companies in the segment of car rental. Choose one and enjoy your trip even more.

Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities of South America which host the 2nd largest international airport. If you are coming to Sao Paulo for your holidays, you might want to unexplored areas of the city, ride around various state and national highways, want to enjoy a ride around the coastal road to have one of the most amazing times around the city. Therefore it's advisable to hire a car for your visit. Here we are going to present the full detailed guide about renting a car in Sao Paulo, car rental companies in the city of Sao Paulo, vehicle type you should take to roam around the city along with car riding tips in and around the city of Sao Paulo.

Should I Rent a Car in Sao Paulo?

Car is one of the most amazing ways to discover and explore the city. There is no problem if you don't have your own car as there are many car rental companies in Sao Paulo such as avis, hertz, localiza which provide visitors with best self driven cars. There are many benefits of hiring a car as you can travel anywhere explore the off beaten paths and also you are free to stop anywhere to click some amazing selfies or can sit out to have a brunch at the location which you might not be able to have discovered if you were in a public transport. Moreover you will not have any time constraint and don't have to worry about public transports which work according to a particular time schedule.

When to rent a car in Sao Paulo ?

You can rent a car In sao Paulo if you want to drive in metro areas of the city. You can ask locals about the road conditions and traffic info. If you are carrying a smartphone with an access to data services, and also you are not comfortable interacting with locals you can download an app called maze which is very famous among the local taxi drivers as it provides the best information on the road conditions as users are continuously updating the condition of the roads and traffic information on this app.

If you have decided to visit a coastal areas during your trip you can plan in advance as on weekends and major holidays the road is generally crowded and can take longer time which can be double or triple than the usual time to visit them. Sao Paulo has most of the international car rental companies such as hertz, avis, europcar along with some of the local car rental companies who have major network in the city are Unidas and Localiza. Moreover you can check out with airlines you are flying at GRU Airport if they have any deals with specific car rental companies as you can get substantial discounts.

One of the prominent beaches which you can visit in the coastal area of sao Paulo is Ilhabela. You can also enjoy a ferry ride at this beach, but it is advisable to have a car to go at this beach. Maresias is also one of the most beautiful beaches which is just before the beach of Ilhabela along the countryside. Ubatuba beach is also a nice place to visit in that region. So if you want to have wonderful and amazing time at these exotic locations you need to rent a car in Sao Paulo.

When not to rent a car in Sao Paulo ?

Travel to Sao Paulo may not be your cup of tea as you might not be aware of roads and traffic conditions. Most of the sign board in the city are in portuguese so you might find it difficult to read them. Moreover you may get lost in unknown roads here and there around the city. According to sources in Sao Paulo traffic conditions are worse and there are many motorcyclists who are famous for driving rash and can cause accidents. You have to be careful after 8 pm as there are many thefts reported in the area. But best to visit here is Santos which can be reached by not going through crowded roads of the city. Moreover you will find it difficult to park the cars on the road and may require to park in parking services where you might have to pay high charges.

Rental Car Availability and rates

Sao Paulo have vast networks of Car Rental Companies. During the high season you might not be able to get your car which is usually from April to August. If you are visiting during these months you have to book your car in advance and prices will be on the higher sides.

You will have to pay around Brazialian Reals 8853 for one day for economy car such as fiat mobi, SUV like renault captur cost around R$153,73 per day whereas compact car like hyundai HB210 or similar may cost your pockets around R$109,71. Some of the services such as GPS, WiFi hotspot packages, child and baby seats, extra driver will cost you some extra bucks and prices of these services can be confirmed with taxi operators you can hire with.

Inclusions in GRU airport car rental package are:

  1. Cancellation
  2. Amendments
  3. Theft Protection
  4. Collision Damage Waiver
  5. Third-Party Liability (TPL)
  6. Airport Charges

Check with the operator for the services mentioned above from where you book the car.

Car Rental Companies at Sao Paulo Airport, Brazil

Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities of South America. It has one of the busiest international airport which is the second largest airport in the country of brazil so you can find every other global car rental company in the region. Some of the notable names in the city which provide car hire services in the city of Sao Paulo are:


A french car rental companies and one of the best in the world provides the car hire service in Sao Paulo. You can hire SUV or compact or luxury cars with the providers. If you have booked you car with Europcar, you can call for the confirmation at below numbers of your booking:

If in Brazil: 0800 878 8315

Foreigners can call at : (+55) 4003-3253


An american car rental which provides it services in the city giving the best options when it comes to car hire. If you have any enquiries regarding your booking you can call at (112)445-7606.

Localiza Hertz

If you are looking for a local car rental Company in Brazil than localiza hertz is one of them which provide these services. It is a brazilian company and they have various varieties of cars in their fleet. You can enquire about car hire Sao Paulo at this company by calling at (11) 2445-2133.


The second largest car hire company in Brazil, unidas is excellent providers in the region. It is also based in Brazil and provides cars in various segments such as economic, intermediary, executive, SUV and adapted. If you have any enquiry regarding the bookings you can call at these numbers: (11) 2445-4771, (11) 2445-2113.


An american based car rental company has a strong hold in the market of Brazil. They provide the cars in every segment as per your requirement. Avis Car Rental can be contacted at (55) 11-98873-2267 for any queries related to car bookings.

Movida Rent a Car

Another brazilian car rental company, movida is one of the most recommended car rental services in Sao Paulo providing all types of cars as per your requirement. Any enquiry regarding the car rental services from movida can be made by contacting at 0800 606 8686.

Sau Paulo Airport Car Rental Suppliers Information

Car Rental Company Address Phone Book Online


Rodovia Helio Smidt S N
Terminal 3 Ed Garagem 6 Andar
Guarulhos, 07141970 Brazil
(112)445-7606 To know more about Alamo visit our Alamo page on website.


Av. Monteiro Lobato, 4550 Cumbica, Guarulhos SP, 07190-100, Brazil +55 11 2446-2830 To know more about Europcar at GRU Airport visit our Europcar page on website.



Terminal 2 Landings East Promenade | Disembark West Sidewalkn

Terminal 3 Disembarkation

(11) 2445-2133 Visit Localiza



Terminal 2 Arrivals West Sidewalk

Terminal 3 Arrivals

(11) 2445-4771 | (11) 2445-2113 Visit Unidas



Terminal 2 Unloading East Sidewalk | Disembark West Sidewalk

Terminal 3 Disembarkation

(11) 2445-4345 | (11) 2445-7409 Visit Avis



Terminal 2 Disembark East Promenade | Disembark West Sidewalk

Terminal 3 Disembarkation

(11) 2445-4638 Visit Movida

One Way Car Rental from Sao Paulo - Guarulhos Airport

This service is generally known as one way car rentals. many companies provide this service to their clients but they charge extra for these. Generally charges are on the higher side if you opt for this service. If the drop off destination is a famous place and it can be rented again from the place than the rent is less otherwise you will have to pay almost double the price. Let's take an example. With Localiza if you are going to one way from Sao Paulo to Curitiba, as it is not a famous place and rental company have to drive themselves back to Sao Paulo you will be charged $300 extra but if your drop-off location is Rio, than your one way rent will come down to $200.

Sao Paulo Airport Car Rental Advice and Tips

The car which you will want to rent depends upon various factors which will be dependent on road and traffic conditions. Moreover, it also depends upon your taste whether you like suvs, luxury or compact cars. Driving in sao Paulo is not easy so it's preferable to use compact cars which will be easy to switch lanes as most of the drivers in Sao Paulo switches the lanes frequently.

Travelling in a group of 4 or more people will require a larger car or a minivan. Generally sao Paulo is the most crowded city in Brazil and traffic jams are very common. So book your car accordingly. It's not safe to drive in the city and you must get your car and ride insured before you take it for rent.

Choose a perfect comparsion website

If you are looking for a car rental companies which provides cheap car rental services, you can use the services of car rental brokers sites where you can get the best deals on the booked cars. Though the local companies here are Localiza, Movida and Unidas. Unidas is Subsidiary of Alamo/National whereas Localiza have bought hertz in Brazil so they are one now. So you can go with these to find some best deals to cut on your price and get a cheap car rental in Sao Paulo. If you want to rent a car in cheap you might also get it through airlines you are flying as they have tie ups with car rental services and can provide you best deals in Sao Paulo for car rental.

Gru Airport Car Rental Security Deposit

You can pay for your rented car with a personal credit card which is valid internationally and should be valid in the Sao Paulo where you will pick up your car. The credit card must have enough funds so that security deposit amount can be charged from it and should be linked to any nationalized banking institution.

Insurance: Full Coverage on a Credit Card

Almost all the major credit cards provide car rental insurance which includes visa, mastercard, american express and Discover. This service is provided by banks at no extra charge and you can avoid the extra insurance which car rental companies provide and is generally expensive.

Some of the damages which are covered are

If you damage your car somehow during your trip the bank will reimburse the charges to the rental company as you have CDW service active on your card. There is also a difference in CDW as there are two types of collision damage waiver which is primary and secondary. The primary coverage provides you the option to file a claim without needing to contact the other insurance but in secondary you have to contact other insurance provide than only you can file a claim with your card.

So always check with your credit card provider for this service and also maintain the receipts, police reports and other important information which may be required to claim the insurance as banks might need proof before they pay back to your car rental company in Sao Paulo.

Manual or Automatic option

Most of the cars which are provided by car rental companies in Sao Paulo are manual but you can request for automatic transmission for some extra bucks.

Book Early to save

If you want to avoid the season rush you should go with your booking in advance and also opt for extra services you might need during your trip. The early booking will also give you an advantage of securing the best rates of cars during peak time as it might increase considerably and you might have to pay way more than you may have expected. So it's convenient to book early.

What kind of driver’s license I need for Car Rental Sao Paulo?

For driving in Sao Paulo or the country of Brazil, you can drive with the license from the country of your origin up to 180 days. You also need to carry your passport with you as it has date punched in for your entry in the country. If you are required to stay after 180 days you will have to apply for Brazilian license or an international license to drive a car in the country.

Minimum and Maximum Age for Rental Car in a Sao Paulo

Though the driving age for a foreigner is 18 years but if you have to rent a car for driving from car rental company, you may have to attain the minimum age of 21 years. Though some car rental companies have different requirements, they might not let you ride a car if your age is less than 25.

Cross-Border Fee and Insurance

When you are planning to travel cross border from sao Paulo, you might have to tell your car rental company in advance as there are some extra costs involved. You will also have to opt for cross border insurance as if there is any damage or theft in another country, than you have to pay for all the damages. You also need some special permission from car rental companies and also the insurance should be valid in the country in which you will be entering with your rental car. The charges will be added to your final bill.

Picking up the car, and getting on the road

Inspect the car

Check the condition of the vehicle you're renting before you drive off the lot. Make sure your contract notes existing damage such as windshield cracks and dents or scratches on the auto body. You need to avoid being blamed and charged for this damage.

First and foremost step while renting a car is to check for the damages and scratches you are given for your booking. Though it's a norm of car rental company to check before the car is given to rent and they note it down on paper but you must also make note of damages and can make a video for the proof. If accidentally after the return they will find any other damages other than already noted down you might have to pay for damages along with the cost of repair of the vehicle.

Take Care of Road Rules

It's very important to know the road rules beforehand otherwise you might find yourself in a scuffle with traffic inspector. Some of the major road rules to be followed in Sao Paulo are:

  • The speed limit on the national highway can be between 80kph and 110kph whereas in main avenues you need to cut your speed down to 60kph and in residential areas the speed limit should be around 30kph.
  • "PARE" is a portuguese word and usually on the roads of Brazil which means "STOP".
  • You might find many speed bumps during your journey which are called "LOMBADAS" in Portuguese which are painted with white stripes.
  • Seat Belt is mandatory to wear for all passengers in the car
  • Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited and you might face severe consequences if alcohol limit in your blood is more than .02percent.
  • You may have to pay toll taxes on highway which can cost between 5 and20 Brazilian Reals.
  • You must use hands-free to use a cellphone, otherwise you might get fined.
  • In case of emergency you should dial 198 for state highway police and 192 for an ambulance service.

Returning the rental car at GRU Airport

So when you are done with your trip, you should return the car to drop-off location which you had entered during the booking. Fill the fuel tank to full while returning else you may have to pay the charges of the unfilled fuel in your car. You should also inspect the car yourself before returning to avoid any additional charges by rental companies as a repair for the damage.

So that's all about renting a car in Sao Paulo. If you have any queries you can post below in the comment section we will try to answer it as soon as possible so that we are able to help you during your trip to one of the largest cities of Brazil which is the 7th largest city in the world.