Smoking Area at GRU Airport

GRU Airport

Smoking at São Paulo - Guarulhos International Airport

When you fly to and fro from Sao Paulo Gru Airport, and after long hours of flights you have an urge to smoke what you will do. As per the federal laws of Brazil it is prohibited to smoke inside the closed public places.

Therefore the Traveler has to leave the terminal of the GRU International Airport to smoke.

If you are having a transit between two international flights and cannot leave the airport you can carry some gums or patches which can help you to keep the craving of smoking away till the time you are in the airport.

Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 3 (International)
No smoking, or info on smoking areas. No smoking, or info on smoking areas. Update from Andy S., Dec 2019: Inside TRYP Hotel in terminal 3 they have a Garden where Smoking is allowed. Admittance Fee US $ 25.00 or 75.00 Reals.

You can smoke at Sao Paulo airport terminal 3. You have to follow signs to the hotel and pay 25 USD then they have an outdoor garden which you can smoke in.

Discovered smoking area inside Terminal 3 after security check in, Bleriot Bar (Smoking Lounge) - Pier Terminal 3. Entry fee to smoking terrace is 20 USD for unlimited time.

There is a smoking area inside terminal 3 at Tryp hotel. You must go inside of the hotel and pay 20 dollars to access.

For connecting flights you may need to enter Brazil and smoke outside terminal then go through Security again for your flight.