How to go to GRU airport

How to get to Guarulhos airport faster and cheaper?

Guarulhos International Airport is located 25 km from the city of São Paulo. Moving there, depending on the chosen medium, can cost the same price as an air ticket. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the best alternatives to get in and out. There are several travel options such as taxis, tranfers, executive coaches, buses and even some airline buses. See the best transportation options and which suits your budget.

Sao Paulo Airport Transfers

For those arriving to São Paulo by GRU Airport, a good alternative to save money is to use the buses provided by the airlines. The route follows to the Airport of Congonhas, from where it is easier to obtain a displacement more in account. GOL and TAM offer GRU buses to Congonhas, while Azul offers GRU to Viracopos, in Campinas.

The bus offered by GOL is also valid for Aerolíneas Argentinas, Delta Air Lines and AirFrance / KLM passengers. All must present the boarding pass or proof of purchase of the ticket to use the free service. The bus connects GRU to Congonhas Airport and does not stop at the middle of the way. See more information about the GOL bus from Guarulhos to Congonhas and, below, the timesheet.

LATAM, like GOL, offers the bus free of charge to passengers who need to go from one airport to another (regardless of whether it is necessary to take another flight). The difference is that LATAM requires that the passenger go to the check-in counter to pick up a voucher that allows boarding the bus.

In Congonhas, buses are located in the basement of the airport, near the Garage Building. In Guarulhos, the starting point is the terminal TPS2, at the landing.

GRU Airport Subway and bus

The São Paulo subway line does not reach the Guarulhos International Airport. To go all the way to the capital of São Paulo, it will be necessary to use a subway and bus combo. The best station to connect with Guarulhos is the Tatuapé subway, however there are buses that leave the Barra Funda Terminal and the Tietê Terminal. Those on the way to the GRU should take a bus that connects the subway station to the airport. The main ones are:

GRU Airport Suburban Lines - Fee: R$5,15

  • 257 Guarulhos (São Paulo International Airport) - São Paulo (Tatuapé Metro - North Terminal)
  • 299 Guarulhos (São Paulo International Airport) - São Paulo (Metrô Tatuapé - North Terminal) - Via São Paulo (Assis Ribeiro Avenue)

Executive Lines - Fee: R$42

  • 258 Guarulhos (Sao Paulo International Airport) - Sao Paulo (Congonhas Airport)
  • 259 Guarulhos (Sao Paulo International Airport) - Sao Paulo (Praça da República)
  • 316 Guarulhos (São Paulo International Airport) - SP (Hotels Circuit)
  • 437 Guarulhos (Sao Paulo International Airport) - Sao Paulo (Itaim Bibi)
  • 472 Guarulhos (São Paulo International Airport) - São Paulo (Barra Funda Bus Terminal) Via São Paulo (Tietê Bus Terminal).

This is probably the most expensive way to take off to Guarulhos. A taxi from downtown Sao Paulo to Guarulhos International Airport will hardly cost less than 100 Brazilian real. Be prepared to shell out for good money. Stay tuned for the extra fees that many taxi drivers charge. Before getting into the taxi, ask about all the fees that will be charged and on which flag the race will be for no surprises at the end.

Private Transfer

Those who are in a group or prefer a personalized service can hire a shuttle service at Guarulhos Airport. The values vary according to the number of passengers, route and time. Consult companies for a quote according to your particular case.

Private Transfer From GRU Airport Phone Number
Airport Transfers +55 (11) 3255-0580
Beserra Express Transfers +55 (11) 5833-5148
CLK Vans +55 (11) 5812-3417
Guvans Transfers +55 (11) 2051-5608
VIP Prime Executive +55 (11) 2371-3611
    By Train

    The Aeroporto / Guarulhos Station is part of CPTM line 13 (Jade), which connects the airport to the Engenheiro Goulart station, from where you can access line 12 (Sapphira), which goes to Tatuapé, Brás and Luz stations. The line operates from Sunday to Friday, from 4am to 0am, and on Saturdays, from 4am to 1am.

    Getting off the train, just follow the signs to find the point of the free shuttle service to GRU Airport. With the transfer you can reach the other passenger terminals of the airport in a few minutes. Check with the driver if the bus will pass through the terminal to where you want to go and board safely.